Were GV open house notices honestly meant to solicit resident input?

Last night at a Sundance Hills HOA town hall, we had a packed room to discuss the Orchard Station Subarea Comprehensive Plan amendment and the Orchard Station development. At the end of of the meeting everyone was asked to raise their hand, if they wanted a “town center”. I didn’t see one person raise their hand. 

However, the draft of the Orchard Station Subarea Comprehensive Plan amendment begins, “The Greenwood Village community desires an identifiable center in the Corridor Planning Area that serves as a downtown gathering place for all Greenwood Village residents.”

Despite this statement, I have not met one Greenwood Village homeowner who “desires a downtown gathering place”. The people I have spoken with want: 1)less traffic, 2) great schools, 3) unimpeded views of the mountains and 4) the great quality of life we have come to love in Greenwood Village. Further evidence of this are the results of the 2014 Citizen Survey, where two of the top 3 issues were about “reduced traffic” and the other was “less development and density”.

Reading through the P&Z and City Council minutes over the last year, I found a couple of references to open houses that the city held to solicit public comment on amending the comprehensive plan. However, I haven’t developed the sense that these were very well attended open houses. Having read the notice for tomorrow night’s P&Z meeting (July 19 at 7:00 pm at City Hall) and not finding it the least bit transparent (it did not have one statistical piece of information about the project — notice that they were seeking 3.3 million square feet might be considered important to some), I went back and looked up the notices for the two prior Open Houses related to this comprehensive plan amendment:

September 16, 2015 Notice

March 16, 2016 Notice

To me these notices appear to be intentionally bland; purposely designed to limit public discussion and input from everyone other than the developers. It is amazing that the residents’ opinions and thoughts are not even contemplated on something that will forever change Greenwood Village.

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