How big is Orchard Station relative to other Alberta projects?

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how big Alberta’s proposed 3.3 million square foot Orchard Station Development is compared to other Alberta projects.  So, I pulled the data from Alberta’s website ( and made the following chart.

There is no other Alberta development that comes anywhere close to what they proposed for Orchard Station (including Streets of Southglenn, Southlands Mall or the Promenade at Castle Rock, which has already caused significant traffic issues).

Orchard Station at 24 acres is basically 10-times the density of the Streets of Southglenn and is 22-times the density of the Promenade at Castle Rock.

Alberta Comparisons

* These comparisons are exaserbated when excluding 7.5 acres of the 24 acre site proposed for a park.  These comparions are shown as Orchard Station w/o Park”.

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