Alberta’s New Proposal is 7-times the Size of Ikea

Thursday night on Cherry Creek School District’s back-to-school night, Alberta Development Partner’s presented its revised proposal for Orchard Station.

The new plan totals 2.8 million square feet, which is seven-times the square footage of the Ikea in Centennial.

Alberta Comparisons - 08-27-16

*Development data taken from Alberta Development Partners webiste.

The chart above shows that the new plan is still larger than any other previous project Alberta has completed.  Additionally, it is 1 million square feet larger than its next largest development, Southlands Mall in Aurora, which was built on 301 acres.  Orchard Station is proposed on a 24-acre site.  This makes Orchard Station 20 times the density of Southlands Mall on a SqFt/Acre basis.

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2 thoughts on “Alberta’s New Proposal is 7-times the Size of Ikea

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