Part 2 – An Open Letter to The Landmark Residents

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This post continues my multi-part response to the guest column in last week’s Villager titled, “Orchard Subarea Plan makes good sense”. The article was written by John Herbers, President of The Landmark HOA and CEO of the DTC|Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce.

I have read through several letters from residents of The Landmark who support the creation of the Orchard Station Subarea, rezoning from B-1 to Town Center and Alberta’s proposed 2.8 million square foot mixed-use development. Each resident is entitled to his or her opinion and I don’t begrudge those who support the Subarea.

However, I would like to present a few thoughts for those of you still considering whether or not the Subarea and proposed mixed-use development will be good for The Landmark.

  • Do you want to live next to a construction site for 5 to 6-years?
    • Six years was the estimated construction time for Alberta to complete its initial development proposal
  • If you decide to sell your condo, do you want to compete with the sale of almost 1,000 neighboring condos?
    • If the comp plan is changed and higher density is allowed in the Subarea, will Century Communities want to build condos instead of townhomes? If Alberta gets 2.8 million sqft on 24 acres, will Century want 1.3 million sqft (instead of 100 townhomes) on its 11.4 acres (4-times greater density than Century was contemplating earlier this year).
    • Even if the 1,000 residential units initially start-off as apartments, there is a chance that the apartments will be converted to for-sale condos after the statute of limitations runs out on the Construction Defect challenges.
  • Alberta’s traffic study shows an additional 1,000 cars per hour in the afternoon.

  • How many cars per hour will cut through the Landmark to exit onto Quebec to avoid congestion on Orchard (per Alberta’s traffic study, Orchard traffic is currently 10%-15% over capacity)?
  • Alberta used the same traffic engineers who prepared a traffic study for GV in 2011.
  • In the 2011 traffic study, which did not include Belleview/Quebec or any new development in the Greenwood Plaza/Orchard Station area, the study stated that four intersections would be “challenging” to improve to acceptable levels of service. These included Orchard/Quebec, Orchard/I-25, Orchard/Yosemite and Arapahoe/Yosemite. Alberta’s handouts do not show any improvements to these intersections, except for limited improvements at Orchard/I-25.
  • Alberta proposes adding/extending turn lanes approaching the Orchard/I-25 interchange. However, it does not appear that Alberta will complete the 2011 study’s recommendations. Per the study, “Improvements needed for intersection capacity would require extensive bridge reconstruction and right-of-way acquisition. Improvements would need to be part of a coordinated interchange reconstruction with the Colorado Department of Transportation.” Does CDOT or the Federal Highway Administration have any interest in making improvements to Orchard/I-25. This interchange is not currently on their radar and I can only imagine how many higher priority projects are in the planning process. Also, remember this recommendation was before contemplating an additional 1,000 cars per hour on Orchard.
  • What will happen to the Belleview/Quebec and Belleview/I-25 intersections if Orchard Station is completed?
    • Belleview Station currently has 1,800 apartments under construction and 300,000 sqft of retail space. One Belleview Station the 15-story commercial office building at Belleview/Quebec is set to open this fall with 300,000 sqft of office space. Belleview/Quebec and Belleview/I-25 are significantly over capacity without the completion of the Belleview Station developments. What will happen to these intersections when Belleview Station is completed and Alberta builds 2.8 million sqft right down the street?
  • If we want to maximize and stabilize the Greenwood Village tax-base, why would we build any residential?
    • Former city council member and P&Z member Jerry Presley recently wrote a great editorial in the Villager, “Greenwood Should Reject Orchard Subarea Plan”. He explained that residential condominium development generates annual revenue of $0.09 per sqft, whereas retail/restaurant generates $6,278 per sqft.
  • Should 300,000 sqft of additional retail space be built in the same Subarea when only 73% of The Landmark’s 170,000 sqft of retail is leased, nearly 10-years after opening?
    • See Part 1 of this series that also talks about the 300,000 sqft of retail space at Belleview Station.
  • How much additional crime and how many traffic accidents will this size development bring to The Landmark and the Orchard Station area?





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