Listen to P&Z Dismiss its 7/19/16 Vote and Citizen Input

I have never seen Greenwood Village completely dismiss the citizens like they are in this process.

Chairman Brian Anderson basically wants to ignore P&Z’s 8-0 rejection of the proposed Orchard Station Subarea amendment that occurred on July 19, 2016.  The nearly unanimous opposition of people who testified at the July 19 hearing means nothing.  Consequently, they made very minor changes to the Subarea amendment and are going to take the vote again on September 20 — with a predetermined outcome of passing it and moving it forward to City Council.

At 5 minutes and 25 seconds, I believe Commissioner Glenn Malloy, says, “not having the experience that we probably should have, nobody realized that we were probably killing the project… and people didn’t realize what the impact of that vote was going to be”. He then goes on to say at the 6 minute and 25 second mark, “the time for input will be after a proposal like this is passed”.

Libby Barnacle makes a strong common sense request to seek more community input through meetings like town halls or a citizen survey.  Brian Strandes defends her, but unfortunately, they were ignored for this very reasonable position.

I would recommend listening to the first 13 minutes of the audio to get the full context of the discussion. Please get the word out that our voices need to be heard.  Write letters, send emails and attend the September 20 meeting at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.


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