Six former City Council Members Oppose Orchard Station Subarea prior to September 20 vote.

In a letter being distributed around Greenwood Village, six former Greenwood Village City Council Members publicly oppose the proposed Orchard Station Subarea Comprehensive Plan Amendment that will be re-voted at the Planning & Zoning meeting next Tuesday, September 20 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.

The six former council members opposing Orchard Station are:

  • Anne Ingebretsen
  • Dave Kerber
  • Mike DeChadenedes
  • Bette Todd
  • Charlie Hazelhurst
  • Jerry Presley

Click here to read their letter.

Click here to read Jerry Presley’s letter.

Essentially the same amendment was voted down unanimously by Planning & Zoning by an 8-0 vote only two months ago on July 19,2016.  Public comment at that meeting was almost unanimously against the Orchard Station amendment, the proposed subarea rezoning and Alberta Development Partner’s original 3.3 million sqft development proposal.  Alberta withdrew its original application that was expected to cost 1.5 billion, but Alberta is expected to file a new and only slightly smaller plan in the near future.

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