CCSD Math Doesn’t add up in Orchard Station Analysis

Read my letter and analysis to the City of Greenwood Village.

In the January 2017 Greenwood Village newsletter, Cherry Creek School District submitted a full-page contribution (page 27 of the Newsletter) regarding the potential impact that developments in the proposed Orchard Station Subarea may have on the Cherry Creek Schools.

The District’s conclusion in the article is that the annual impact is 25 students or two students per grade.  This grossly understates the impact.  Using the “national standards” CCSD provided in the article, the Orchard Station developments are projected to produce 300 students, which equals 23 students per grade — essentially an additional classroom of students for each grade K-12. 

Click here to read the letter I sent to Greenwood Village with my full analysis and the combined impact from other new residential developments: Letter to GV: CCSD Math Doesn’t Add Up.

  1. Click here to see the 15-year trend of the Cherry Creek High School feeder schools total and non-resident enrollment.
  2. Click here to see the number of permanent classrooms in each of the feeder schools.
  3. Click here to see the feeder schools with trailers/mobile classrooms due to overcapacity.


One thought on “CCSD Math Doesn’t add up in Orchard Station Analysis

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