WSJ: Brick and Mortar Stores are Shuttering at a Record Pace

The WSJ states that “Based on the pace so far (in 2017), the brokerage estimates retailers will close more than 8,600 locations this year, which would eclipse the number of closings during the 2008 recession.”

With 300,000 sqft of retail under development at Belleview Station, 170,000 sqft next door at The Landmark, The Jones District under development at Dry Creek, Park Meadows a short drive away, ever increasing competition from online sales and a restaurant industry that has struggled over the last year and a half; is there a chance that retail may already be overbuilt?

Do we need another 300,000 sqft of retail in Greenwood Village? 

What impact will new retail have on the existing grocery stores, restaurants and athletic clubs?

There may be a reasonable amount of new restaurants and retail that can be built and survive in the Orchard Station area, but that is already allowed in the existing Comprehensive Plan.

Vote NO on June 6 and maintain the existing vision and character of Greenwood Village.

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