VOTE NO on June 6: City Council and P&Z members mislead on Orchard/I-25 required Improvements

Last week, eleven members of Greenwood Village City Council and Planning & Zoning stated in The Villager that:

“The Orchard Station area can be improved without involving the federal government. This is because capacity can be gained without I-25 bridge reconstruction.”

However, the Greenwood Village 2011 traffic study completely contradicts this statement about Orchard/I-25:

“Improvements needed for intersection capacity would require extensive bridge reconstruction and right-of-way acquisition. Improvements would need to be part of a coordinated interchange reconstruction with the Colorado Department of Transportation. “

The traffic study also explains that Orchard/Quebec and Orchard/Yosemite will be challenging intersections to improve (see pages v, 25 & 32 for reference to “Challenging Intersections”).

Finally, keep in mind the 2011 study did not include any new development in Orchard Station.

Please look at the two pictures below of eastbound and westbound Orchard under I-25.  Does it look like there is an easy way to add capacity under this bridge?

It just doesn’t make sense that you can potentially add 27,000 vehicle trips per day and somehow reduce congestion 35-40%.

Just VOTE NO on June 6.


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