Help is on the way to Preserve the Character of Greenwood Village

Today, former Greenwood Village city council members, Anne Ingebretsen and Dave Kerber announced their intent to run for the District 2 City Council seats in this year’s November 7 election. 

The June 6 special election results in which 76% of Greenwood Village voters flatly rejected the Orchard Subarea Plan, demonstrate the misalignment between residents and the five city council members who voted in favor of the Subarea. 

The Orchard Station Subarea amendment to the GV Comprehensive Plan would have welcomed dramatic increases in density, building height and over 1,000 new multi-family residential units. 

Current District 2 council members Leslie Schluter and Darryl Jones, along with Freda Miklin, Tom Bishop and T.J. Gordon represent the five city council members who favored the amendment. Their approach was about abandoning the long-standing low density suburban character of the Village and replacing it with high-density Transit Oriented Development (TOD), which served as the premise for the now defeated Subarea. 

Dave and Anne are both genuine, down to earth people who care deeply about preserving and protecting the special qualities of Greenwood Village. 

They understand the decades of thoughtful planning and development that has resulted in great neighborhoods, unmatched city services and a significant and sustainable tax base provided by a thriving base of businesses. 

They dedicated countless hours to the Save Our Village Issue Committee and defeating the Orchard Station Subarea amendment in the June 6 Special Election. They are both long-term residents of Greenwood Village and have both served on P&Z and City Council.  They have a deep understanding of the history of the Village and will be open to balancing the concerns and desires of citizens with reasonable development that fits with residents’ vision of Greenwood Village as articulated in the Comprehensive Plan. 

I look forward to supporting both Anne and Dave in their campaigns. 

The Villager: Two former Greenwood councilmembers—opponents of Subarea plan—run again

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