Hilton and Presley announce candidacy to replace out of touch City Council Members

This morning residents of Greenwood Village received great news with the official announcement that Dr. Judy Hilton (District 4) and Jerry Presley (District 1) will both run for Greenwood Village City Council in the upcoming November 7 election. 

Hilton’s and Presley’s announcements follow last week’s news that Anne Ingebretsen and Dave Kerber will run for City Council in District 2. All four candidates were integral and worked tirelessly to defeat the incredibly irresponsible and inappropriate Orchard Station Subarea amendment that fell in the June 6 Special Election by a 3 to 1 margin (76% against vs 24% in favor). 

Five members of City Council (Miklin (D1), Schluter (D2), Jones (D2), Bishop (D4) and Gordon (D4)), along with six members of Planning & Zoning ignored unprecedented opposition leading up to the Special Election and voted in favor of the amendment. The Orchard Station Subarea would have allowed over 3 million sqft of new development, tripled building heights and caused massive increases in traffic around the Tech Center. The current majority of City Council and P&Z members are clearly out of touch with their constituents. Consequently, those representatives need to be replaced in November. 

Judy has lived in Greenwood Village for over 40 years and was recently inducted into the Cherry Creek Schools Legacy Hall of Fame. Over her distinguished 30-year career in the Cherry Creek School District, she was the principal of both Eaglecrest High School and Laredo Middle School. Throughout her career she has provided incredible service to the community and epitomizes the Cherry Creek tag line “Dedicated to Excellence”. 

Jerry Presley is one of the most likable people I have met in recent years. He has an enormous amount of wisdom and is incredibly reasoned in his arguments. Jerry previously served on city council for eight years and also served on P&Z.  This experience overlaps when the Comprehensive Plan was originally adopted in 2004 and the amendments that followed (2008, 2011, 2012 and 2015). It makes him intimately familiar with the diligent work that went into crafting the existing vision for the City and carefully balancing the residential and commercial interests. Ultimately, he understands why the proposed Orchard Station Subarea was such a contradiction to the existing character of the Village and the long-term and irreparable damage that would have resulted had the amendment been adopted. 

Judy Hilton and Jerry Presley firmly grasp the vision and ideals that make Greenwood Village such a wonderful place to live and raise a family. They both are supportive of reasonable development that is compatible with the residential suburban character of Greenwood Village and also helps maintain the city’s tax base. They are both thoughtful, intelligent and passionate about Greenwood Village. I believe they will listen closely to their constituents and will carry forward the vision adopted in the existing Comprehensive Plan. For these reasons, combined with the overall quality of their character, I believe they will both make fantastic city council members. I look forward to enthusiastically supporting their campaigns. 


Read their announcements in The Villager

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