P&Z does not recommend Century’s Landmark Village

By a 6-1 vote Greenwood Village Planning & Zoning reached the right conclusion and failed to recommend Century Communities’ high density 189-unit Landmark Village residential development proposal to City Council. The affirmative motion was worded to “not recommend” the development application.  Jon Ekoniak was the sole P&Z commissioner who voted against the motion. Commissioner Steve Goldman was absent. 

The proposed application sits on 13.1 acres in the formerly proposed Orchard Station Subarea. The hotly contested Subarea that would have encouraged transit oriented development (TOD) including high density residential, retail and office was overwhelming defeated 76% to 24% in the June 6 Special Election. 

Century’s current 189-unit application is the result of comments received from City Council during review of its initial 104-unit application in 2015/2016. Those comments on February 22, 2016 suggested that the 104-unit proposal did not conform with the vision for the Orchard Station Subarea and high density TOD. Consequently, Century withdrew the initial application and came back with almost twice the density to address the comments received from City Council. 

Since P&Z is only a recommending body, the Century application will still move to city council at a date to be determined. 

2 thoughts on “P&Z does not recommend Century’s Landmark Village

  1. Nice to see some semblance of reality and responsibility to following the will of the electorate. City Council would be very foolish to override this recommendation. (But then again, when it comes to local politics, foolish things sometimes happen…) Thanks for keeping us informed, Randy.


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