Despite Leslie Schluter’s blatant politically motivated motion, Century Communities’ case continued to October 16

City Council last night held a public hearing regarding Century Communities’ high-density residential Orchard Station development application. The Development is being called Landmark Village. 

In a purely political move, Leslie Schluter made a motion to continue Century’s application to November 6. Not coincidentally, November 6 is the night before the Greenwood Village City Council elections, at which point the large majority, if not most, of GV voters will have returned their mail-in ballots.  

Unfortunately for Ms. Schluter and other supporters of high-density Transit Oriented Development (TOD), the motion failed by a vote of 5-4. 

The Mayor broke the tie and voted no. Leslie Schluter, Freda Miklin, Darryl Jones and Tom Bishop all voted in favor of delaying the Landmark Village Vote until the eve of the city council election. These four city council members all voted IN FAVOR of the Orchard Station Subarea. 

Dave Bullock, George Lantz and Steve Moran voted against Ms. Schluter’s motion. TJ Gordon, who voted for Orchard Station, voted against the continuance to November 6. 

TJ Gordon (District 4), Freda Miklin (District 1) and Darryl Jones (District 2) are all running for reelection in contested elections and all SUPPORTED the Orchard Station Subarea. 

Seanna Mulligan also supported the Orchard Station Subarea and is running for Leslie Schluter’s seat in District 2. Seanna has spoken in support of high-density development and was a member of Alberta Development’s Yes for Greenwood Village issue committee that flooded GV homes with Orchard Station propaganda during the June special election. 

Judy Hilton (District 4), Dave Kerber (District 2), Anne Ingebretsen (District 2), Jerry Presley (District 1) and Dave Bullock (District 1) have all been endorsed by Save Our Village and were vocally OPPOSED to the high-density TOD development envisioned in the Orchard Station Subarea. 

Jeff Kahn is also running for City Council in District 4 and spoke against the high-density Century Communities’ development. 

Tom Dougherty is the final candidate in District 4, but to my knowledge, has not taken a public position on Orchard Station. 

Steve Moran and George Lantz, who both voted against the Orchard Station Subarea, are also running for reelection in District 3, but are unopposed. 

Ultimately, City Council continued the Century Communities hearing until Oct. 16. Darryl Jones asked to reopen the public hearing to give Century a chance to address the density and open space concerns. 

Century’s residential development application was contingent on the passage of the Orchard Station Subarea (which failed in the June 6 Special Election 76% to 24%). The Orchard Station Subarea would have encouraged high-density residential and mixed-use, whereas the current Comprehensive Plan strongly discourages additional residential, except for a limited amount of residential in the Village Center (next to the Arapahoe Road light rail stop). 

We will see what happens on October 16 and if City Council finally agrees to listen to the people. 

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